letters of recommendation

My name is Amy Foster and I attend Searchlight Ministries in Jamestown, Michigan. I have known Lynnelle Pierce for about two years through weekly Bible studies and speaking engagements. She has spoken for our local MOPS group as well as my church ladies retreat.

In the time that I have known Lynnelle she has consistently shown her love for God and His Word. This is very evident in the way that she conducts herself and how she interacts with others.

Here are a few responses from women who attended our ladies retreat:

“Lynnelle spoke in  such a way that it was easy for me to understand and apply to my life.” – Denise

“Lynnelle’s personality really connected with mine. She moved me to tears with her Amazing Grace Story.” Rose

I would highly recommend Lynnelle for any speaking/teaching engagement. You will be truly blessed by what she has to share.

~Amy Foster


I have had the privilege of being part of Women of the Word Bible study lead by Lynnelle Pierce for the past several years. Each lesson is taught in a way that makes it personal to your life and the daily challenges we all face.  I can honestly say that I have never been more encouraged spiritually or challenged in my personal walk with the Lord as I have been through these weekly Bible Studies.

Lynnelle has a fresh and unique way of sharing Gods word and love for those who hear her speak.  Whether you are 18 or 80 you always walk away with a new view of God’s love for you and are challenged to grow deeper in your personal walk with the Lord. Her gift of storytelling brings you into the biblical story causing you to not only feel you are “part” of the event but many times you” are” the event.


Lynnelle, thank you for allowing the Lord to use your gift of storytelling. You continue to show us God’s love for us and challenge us to grow deeper in our personal walk with our Lord and Savior and always keeping it simple.


If you have ever felt like the Bible is to confusing – you said you just don’t get it- those stories don’t apply to me- the Bible has some good idea’s but we live in a different time things have changed.  Then I challenge you to attend a conference or Bible Study featuring Lynnelle Pierce.

Having the opportunity to work for Women of Faith and other ministries I can say Lynnelle has a true anointing on her life and ministry compared to some of the greatest Christian speakers and teachers of our time.   Her ability and insight into the scripture skilled with her story telling and delivery style is fresh, making   the scripture come alive comparing it to challenges of our lives today and how the principles still apply. In her delivery style you will see how the God of years gone by is still the God of today and tomorrow and you will leave wanting to know Him more.

~Mary Breuker


Lynnelle has a fresh honesty and is on fire for the Lord her gestures, radiant face and body language all speak to you.  Lynnelle is a passionate and devoted Jesus follower.  She lives and challenges us to think anew about what God wants us to do and how we should live our daily lives with stead faithfulness and obedience.  I am in Lynnelle’s Bible Study; I like every other lady say to herself, “I want what Lynnelle has”! She has Jesus in her heart and is anointed by the Holy Spirit as it is so evident when she speaks.  I love how she takes God’s word and makes it so simple! Lynnelle is a real person as she encourages us to become so familiar with the voice of the Spirit of God, so in time with His call, that we hasten to listen and obey.  Her teachings will keep you highly motivated wanting you to learn more and more of how to live for Him.

Oh Lynnelle  what a great lesson again … and you were fire on fire for the Lord – your gestures, radiant face and body language all spoke to us …your listeners and I’m sure every lady felt like I did and said to herself – I want what Lynnelle has!!! You are really anointed by the Holy Spirit  and I can’t wait to see where God will take you. I love how you take God’s word and make it so simple and yet challenging.  Thank you for your heart and your steadfast obedience and love for Jesus.

~Mary De Witt